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5 facts about wireless power transmission we are sure you did not know about

Wireless power transmission has been around for a while but off late it has picked up a lot of momentum. Wires are a hassle and if gadgets can be wireless then it saves a lot of space and ugly wires.

wireless power transmission
wireless power transmission

We are still waiting for a breakthrough technology in wireless transfer of energy which can solve the problem of longer distance. If that becomes a reality, world will soon see a revolution around wireless energy which will be powered by Wi Fi routers and will be easily available at public places.

This can be made into a school project try our do it yourself wireless power transmission kit to tacch this great technology of the future to children.

wireless power transmission
wireless power transmission

Facts –

  1. There are two ways of wireless charging one is inductive and magnetic charging and other is by radio frequency energy.
  2. Wireless energy is already being used to charge electric toothbrushes, it much safer as their proximity to water. The conventional wire charging is considered a hassle.
  3. The discovery of the basic principle was done by Michael Faraday back in 1931. Legendry scientist Nikola Tesla was already doing great experiment using the same principle.
  4. Wireless charging can reduce CO2 emissions and are much more sustainable.
  5. Not only phones but soon all of the technology would be working on wireless charging that will include electric cars as well.
wireless power transmission
wireless power transmission


To keep things exciting we have an amazing kit which children can make and learn about wireless power transmission.

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