About Us

We are a group of professionals with deep understanding of educational philosophy and curriculum based clarity. We have a passion for activity – based, experiential and simplified methods of learning. We aspire to make learning fun for students and to help them look at project development as fun rather than another assignment or educational chore.

At projectsforschool we share the concern of Indian Academicians about the over-textual nature of our syllabus and curriculum. As a result, we aspire to change this approach by preparing and providing easy to create, recyclable, DIY kits. Our civic responsibility encourages us to go green and hence all our kits are reusable, environment and child-friendly.

Our Mission

At ProjectsforSchool, our Mission is to simplify learning and make it experiential and fun for school students.

Our Vision

We envision an empowered community of parents and students who have an easy access to DIY (do-it-yourself) project kits, in order to make learning fun, experiential and simpler.

We believe that the energy of the student and the parent should actually be spent in experimenting and creating projects rather than foraging for raw material.