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3 Things you should never say to your Child

Parenting is like trekking on a mountain – no matter how good you are, there is always the risk of falling. No guide book can ever make us a hands-on dad or mom, only instinct and experience can. No same set of rules can apply to two kids, even if they are siblings! Now I […]

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How to make a school project magnetic crane without using an electromagnet?

Hmm, we have one DIY kit for making a magnetic crane using electromagnet (; and a how to make guide for the same as well ( But if we want to make a magnetic crane with out using electromagnet, then we can replace the electromagnet with a simple magnet. You need to make the frame […]


Make your child sympathetic towards the Environment

Sympathetic for the environment? Let’s evolve some ideas to preserve it Environment, a word that can simply be defined as anything that surrounds us. It includes all living and non-living things that occurs on the earth or thereof and hence is responsible for affecting an individual’s body, mind and heart. In terms of biology and […]

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5 Annoying things every parent is guilty of

5 Annoying thing every parent is guilty of and  If you are a parent you are guilty of at least one of them. Take a look.   I don’t hate babies I swear, but sometimes parents take it too far. It’s your baby I understand that you are completely in love with that li’l bundle […]

Project presentation Science Projects

Presentation ideas on school projects basically provides material and ideas for school science projects. The idea behind the presentation most of all remains the same from elementary to middle school. Therefore, we are mentioning step by step methods for school projects in the best way possible. STEP 1 : Select a category for your school science project Many […]