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Power behind 2 minute investor pitch

The power behind 2 minute investor pitch While Entrepreneurship is the new in thing, often it is difficult to pitch to the investors. Finding the right investor is about finding the people with the right vision. It’s about finding people who value their time as much as they value yours. If you have 40 investors […]

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Unschooling – new blog by Dr. Naina Arora

Dr. Naina Arora has shared her views on emerging trends in learning and education sector on her new blog post. She stresses the importance of learning by doing versus spoon feeding being practiced in most of the traditional schools. Please read the complete article on the following link:- Blog post by Dr […]

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PERSEVERANCE OR A BORN ‘MATH GENIUS’ When I was in middle school, I was an average student, but my weakest point was maths. Scoldings or encouragement nothing could change it so my mother reflects even today. With a tonn of cousins going places with amazing math results, i thought it will always remain a mystery […]