3 Things you should never say to your Child

Parenting is like trekking on a mountain – no matter how good you are, there is always the risk of falling. No guide book can ever make us a hands-on dad or mom, only instinct and experience can. No same set of rules can apply to two kids, even if they are siblings! Now I have said that, I do believe that we must stop from saying a few things to our little angels. Even if they look normal and harmless, they can actually turn out to be pretty harmful for our kids’ emotions and feelings..

Our children are indeed our reflection. They shape up more or less the way we mold them into, and mostly, it’s our own words which are playing with their conscience… impacts more than we can ever imagine.

1. Never Say ‘NO’

Rather than that, try – ‘Why not / How about’

We say ‘no’ to our little one million times a day, presuming that we are the best judge of what is bad or good for them. No doubt we are, but this ‘no’ has the potential to break our children. A seemingly simple & innocent ‘no’ can shatter their confidence, make them feel he’s incapable of undertaking a certain task, and can kill their urge to volunteer or help.

Worse, they absorbs ‘no’ as the way of life and so every time we ask them to do something, their response is going to be ‘no’! Thus, as a parent, we must make proper use of this powerful two letter word.

Hack: In place of saying ‘no’ flat out, it would be much better to give your kid alternatives to pick from.

When they asks for an ice-cream, ask them to try a healthier shake instead; If they ask for a new color-box even though they already have one, tell they when they can have a new one, instead of simply saying they cannot have a new one.

2. Never Say ‘You Must Become Like ‘Sharma Ji Ka Beta/Beti”

Rather than that, try – making ideals out of important values, and not from people

Personally I believe that we should try and focus on our child’s achievements, their good qualities. Instead of aspiring to people, we should urge them to aspire to values – confidence, compassion, morality, integrity etc. After all, it’s these qualities that make a good person, Agreed? Let’s be proud of what our child is as every child is unique, and work in the direction of improving the strengths.

I can’t deny, we are very much the society we live in and comparisons are impossible to avoid. Many times, our friends, family members etc. lament over useless comparisons and troll your child with a nonsense demand to become as good as somebody else. they may even ask us parents to be ‘more competitive’ or ‘stricter’! It is very detrimental not just to your child's mental and physical health but it may also backfire and turn them into rebels!

3. Never Say ‘Let me Do It For You’

Rather than that, try – teaching/showing them how to do it

When our precious little one is stuck somewhere in a task and is yearning hard to find the solution it is very obvious that we feel an overwhelming urge to offer the helping hand, ‘Let me do it for you’ often seems the easiest way out at that moment to pacify our struggling kid; but think, is it really going to help your children in the life? No. It will only make them more dependent on you to find answers to their problems.

How about channelizing or steer their thoughts in the right direction so that they reach the problem’s solution by themselves. This will make them independent and will also boost their self-confidence. This is our philosophy behind ProjectsforSchool.com too. We want our kids to experiment with the right material to be able to make working models on their own. This would help them develop confidence of achieving milestones, accomplishing things, learning science while doing something.

I hope you agree that we are our children’s role models. We can’t just cease to be the people they look up to and imitate! So it’s completely our choice of what we want these little buds to bloom into. That’s undoubtedly the best gift we can give them. Do you also have something you avoid saying to your kid?

Please share them in the comments, so that all of us can benefit from it.

Haya Abidi

5 school science project ideas to make on the topic energy and energy conversion

5 school science project ideas

  1. Penny batteries or voltaic piles

 5 school science project ideas

5 school science project ideas


Easy school science project ideas to understand the production of energy with two different metals with a sour solution in between is a fun school project. There are many versions of this same project . The higher the stack of different metals, more is the electricity produced good enough to light up an LED.

http://www.projectsforschool.com/product/photon-flower-science-project-for-kids/ take look at the link for a different version of penny battery that is photon flower.

  1. Solar energy

 5 school science project ideas

5 school science project ideas

Many projects can be listed under this but simplest to make would be solar oven. A simple school science project which uses direct sunlight as the source of energy to cook food. All it needs is a basic box and lots of aluminium foil paper to concentrate sun rays to slow cook the food. Make a solar cell and this simple kit helps you make one. http://www.projectsforschool.com/product/make-solar-cell-school-project-for-kids/

  1. Solar energy conversion

 5 school science project ideas

5 school science project ideas

Simple circuits which use photo voltaic panel to make a science project. For example a solar powered fan is a simple science project to see solar energy conversion to electricity. More gadgets can be used with photo voltaic cell to run on solar panels to make a good science project on energy conversion. For example electric buzzers and LEDs can also be made to work with the same.



  1. Generators

 5 school science project ideas

5 school science project ideas

Simple electric generators are the most fun school science projects to make and the material is easy to get for the same. All you need is lots of copper and few pieces of strong magnets.

When coil of copper wire will be moved through the magnetic field the current will be generated and hence enough electricity can be generated to light up an LED.


  1. Windmill electricity generator

 5 school science project ideas

5 school science project ideas

The coolest school science project which helps understand how wind energy can generate electricity. All what is requires is a great motor and a fan to make electricity. the blades of the windmill should be large enough or if you are using regular fan then the blades can be moved mechanically to demonstrate energy conversion and generation for the same.


How to make a penny battery, Voltaic Pile easy science Project

How to make a penny battery is a simple science project to understand the generation of electricity is one of the easiest to make and the raw material is available.

How to make a penny battery

How to make a penny battery

This simple school project uses two different types of metal which is stacked one on top of other and use some salt water or lemon drops to make a voltaic pile.

These kind of simple batteries convert chemical energy to electrical energy and generate small volts electricity. The higher the stack then higher is the voltage produced which is enough to light up one small LED of 1.5v.

Zinc and copper are the materials generally used for this school project. Zinc nails and copper wire can also do the trick.

Usually pennies are used. They are first sanded with sandpaper on one side so that zinc can come to surface and the other side is usually left free. Copper side is faced down and zinc side faces up and in between them a tissue paper soaked in salt water solution or lemon juice is used. The stacking is done the same way by placing copper side of the penny again on the zinc side with tissue paper soaked in sour solution to complete this science project.

Vinegar can also be used to soak tissue paper to make the pile. The stack can be as big as 12 penny pieces to generate minimum voltage to give electricity to light up LED.

How to make a penny battery

How to make a penny battery

It usually takes 7 to 8 hours for electrons to start flowing for science project to work. The tissue paper should not dry in the process and is kept wet with the sour solution.

The stack can be made higher once the voltage is checked from the multimeter.

There is another variation to this whole project as in India the pennies are not easily available we can use zinc nails and copper wire to compete the project.

How to make a penny battery

How to make a penny battery

This simple project is based on the same principle and once assembled is good to light up LED of 1.5v.


How to make a penny battery

How to make a penny battery

To make this interesting school project visit www.projectsforschool.com to buy the kit for photon flower.


Middle School Science Projects

Parent’s often complaint they don’t find school projects for their kids easily, so here we have listed some easy and interesting school science projects for kids.

8 Middle School Science Projects

Solar Conversion Kit

Solar conversion simple school project is the easiest to make. It shows how gadgets can be run on green sources of renewable energy.

Middle School Science Projects-Solar Conversion Kit

Middle School Science Projects-Solar Conversion Kit

Electric Buzzer

Electric buzzer uses an electromagnet to hit against a metal sheet to make a loud repetitive sound.  Invented in 1831 by Joseph Henry, it is often used as a door bell or alarm. Make an electric buzzer yourself as a cool science project and learn the function of this sound making mechanism

Middle School Science Projects-Electric Buzzer

Middle School Science Projects-Electric Buzzer

Produce Electricity from Water

This is a good DIY Science working model for young kids interested in the basic principle and functioning of a voltaic cell.

Middle School Science Projects-generate electricity from water

Middle School Science Projects-generate electricity from water

Working Model of Kidney

Working model of kidney is a Biology project which is one of the tougher subjects to explain through DIY models. It demonstrates how the human kidney functions. It also shows how the kidney filters the impure blood and then the pure blood is sent back to the body.

Middle School Science Projects-working model of kidney

Middle School Science Projects-working model of kidney

Pneumatic Lift

Pneumatic lift is a very simple to make, but an insightful physics project for school going kids. With components like injection syringes and cardboard boxes, it is easy to see how air pressure can be used to create mechanical energy.

Middle School Science Projects-pneumatic lift

Middle School Science Projects-pneumatic lift

Magnetic Crane

Magnetic crane works on the principle of electromagnetism. Due to electricity flowing through the wire, the circuit becomes magnetic and this magnetism helps the crane to lift up light metallic objects.


 Middle School Science Projects-magnetic crane

Middle School Science Projects-magnetic crane

Simple Dc Motor

Simple DC Motor is supposed to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy in the presence of a magnetic field. Your child could use it as a demonstration in either a science activity workshop or to submit as a project for school.

 Middle School Science Projects-simple dc motor

Middle School Science Projects-simple dc motor

Windmill with and without battery

Wind mill uses the simple concept of harnessing wind energy into electrical energy and how it powers our daily use appliances by building it from scratch.

 Middle School Science Projects-simple dc motor

Middle School Science Projects-windmill

We at www.projectsforschool.com support hands on experiential learning where in children get to experience science instead of just reading about it. Have a look and take a tour of our website www.projectsforschool.com . All feedback is welcome.

Easy biology projects

Here are some Easy biology projects which can be done at home from scratch

  1. Factors affecting photosynthesis

There are many factors which affect photosynthesis and you can choose any variable to study. Factors affecting photosynthesis are temperature, Pressure, water and spectrum of light.Study any two variables which may affect photosynthesis and this kind of  Easy biology projects can be done at home and can be presented in a great way. Here is a link which tells about school project presentation. http://www.projectsforschool.com/category/science-projects/project-presentation/

 Easy biology projects - photosynthesis

Easy biology projects – photosynthesis


  1. How does gravity affect plant growth.

There are many factors that affect plant growth and gravity is one of them. The observation will be made as to how roots grow and how they respond to gravity. Does the plant realign itself to the natural orientation? Use potted plants and place them at different positions for the same.

Easy biology projects-geotropism

Easy biology projects-geotropism

  1. Conditions and variables for mushroom growth.

Grow mushrooms in different media and condition and record and analyze. Various conditions and variables are required to grow mushrooms. They can be grown and experimented with. Data is to be collected, experimented and analyzed.

 Easy biology projects-mushrooms

Easy biology projects-mushrooms

  1. Relation between heartbeat and blood pressure.

These experiments can be done at home and variables can be different age groups and gender. This easy biology experiment can be done with simple equipment easily available. Determine if blood pressure is affected by heart rate. This is to be presented with tables and graph.

 Easy biology projects - heart rate and blood pressure

Easy biology projects – heart rate and blood pressure

  1. The effect of sound on plants

Design an Easy biology projects with potted plants and identify all the variables which affect plant growth and observe the plant growth in two different rooms with one room playing continuous sound either from TV or Radio and keeping other variables constant for both plants in different room.

 Easy biology projects - musicalplant

Easy biology projects – musicalplant

Presentation of the above mentioned school science project can be easily done with help graph and tables.

We at www.projectsforschool.com believe that projects making should be fun and learning experience and here we are bringing a series of science project ideas for various subjects which do not need any sophisticated equipments and can be performed easily at home.