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Easy biology projects

Here are some Easy biology projects which can be done at home from scratch

  1. Factors affecting photosynthesis

There are many factors which affect photosynthesis and you can choose any variable to study. Factors affecting photosynthesis are temperature, Pressure, water and spectrum of light.Study any two variables which may affect photosynthesis and this kind of  Easy biology projects can be done at home and can be presented in a great way. Here is a link which tells about school project presentation.

 Easy biology projects - photosynthesis
Easy biology projects – photosynthesis


  1. How does gravity affect plant growth.

There are many factors that affect plant growth and gravity is one of them. The observation will be made as to how roots grow and how they respond to gravity. Does the plant realign itself to the natural orientation? Use potted plants and place them at different positions for the same.

Easy biology projects-geotropism
Easy biology projects-geotropism
  1. Conditions and variables for mushroom growth.

Grow mushrooms in different media and condition and record and analyze. Various conditions and variables are required to grow mushrooms. They can be grown and experimented with. Data is to be collected, experimented and analyzed.

 Easy biology projects-mushrooms
Easy biology projects-mushrooms
  1. Relation between heartbeat and blood pressure.

These experiments can be done at home and variables can be different age groups and gender. This easy biology experiment can be done with simple equipment easily available. Determine if blood pressure is affected by heart rate. This is to be presented with tables and graph.

 Easy biology projects - heart rate and blood pressure
Easy biology projects – heart rate and blood pressure
  1. The effect of sound on plants

Design an Easy biology projects with potted plants and identify all the variables which affect plant growth and observe the plant growth in two different rooms with one room playing continuous sound either from TV or Radio and keeping other variables constant for both plants in different room.

 Easy biology projects - musicalplant
Easy biology projects – musicalplant

Presentation of the above mentioned school science project can be easily done with help graph and tables.

We at believe that projects making should be fun and learning experience and here we are bringing a series of science project ideas for various subjects which do not need any sophisticated equipments and can be performed easily at home.

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