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Grooming children outside school – An issue with parents

Common queries parents have for their children

One of the common questions that parents ask us is – how do I nurture, groom and lead my child in the right direction? How do I do it beyond their school curriculum? One of such questions was the following:

“My 5 year old kid is very much interested in maths. How do I groom the kid apart from the school curriculum to motivate and guide him in the right direction? What are good options available in India?”

Interestingly, there are no standard answers to this question. So our experts responded to this question on Quora in the context of mathematics.

How should parents make their guidance so apt and feasible for their children that they can easily nourish them outside school. Parents often get to face issues where they are constantly facing challenges on how to tackle their children at home with proper guidance. We have answered queries of parents on tacking and managing their children outside school with proper level of learning and stuff. At, our main motive and commitment is to cater the needs of the child as well as the keeping in mind the well being of the parent.

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