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When I was in middle school, I was an average student, but my weakest point was maths. Scoldings or encouragement nothing could change it so my mother reflects even today. With a tonn of cousins going places with amazing math results, i thought it will always remain a mystery to me.

Choosing of Subjects especially math

When it came to choosing subjects in high school, I made sure maths was nowhere near me in any way possible even though I enjoyed physics and solving little less tricky theorems.

I wish someone had told me at that time that maths is not about eating all your green vegetables or a gift which I seemed to have lost when

http://www.viagragenericoes24.comit came to me even though I had good share of relatives and solving and acing all the scary math sums. I thought “I simply did not had it in my DNA’. Hence the medical profession and I cheered myself through as I thought I was done with maths forever.


I didn’t flunk any of the exams but I could not muster even average score, even though I made sure my other subjects covered for my shortcoming. I wish someone at that time had told me that maths is all about perseverance and not about what kind of math genius brains you have.


Studies have shown that students who spend more time at solving mathematical queries are better at it than those who give up. soon. We forget all the time that maths is an activity you learn by doing instead of mugging it up. The whole point being you are never born a maths genius, you eventually become one by doing things regularly and keep doing them and not giving up. Working hard is what makes the difference.

Talking to your child about it and keep going at it will surely make the difference. It’s just simple; you do not give up on your child so that your child does not give up on mathematics.

Remember if I knew that it’s not that you need to be a maths person to learn maths “I would have ended up differently, if only my parents had the information and the technology we have today” says Dr. Naina Arora from


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