Basic traffic light school science project working model DIY kit

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    Basic traffic light – Stop, wait, and Go!

    Follow The Traffic Light!

    What if your child can make the traffic light and know how it works? Would it not be a cool project for school or for a science activity workshop, if your 6th or 7th grader could explain exactly how the electric circuit leads to the blinking of different lights on the traffic signal?

    This fun DIY Physics project for class 6th and 7th in the middle school is going to be very simple as you get all the right components in our kit.

    Kit Contents:

    • Three bulbs
    • Three bulb holders
    • Connecting wire
    • Two Safety pins
    • One battery with cap
    • Five thumb tacks
    • Two screws
    • One double side tape
    • One wooden strip
    • Card board base

    You will also need scissors, screw driver and an adult to help you.

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