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    Charge Detector is an instrument used to detect the presence of electric charge by mutual attraction and repulsion of metal foils is called electroscope. Make one yourself and learn the basics of object charges.

    We were requested to develop some Science fair project idea to make an electroscope and demonstrate static charges so here we are! An electroscope is an instrument that can be used to detect the presence of an electric charge in the vicinity.

    It is done by mutual attraction or repulsion of metal foils. Depending on the material you choose to experiment with (we have provided a few in the kit), you can even identify whether the charge is negative or positive.

    Electric charges are a subtle and difficult concept to explain to young ones and this kit has been specially designed as a DIY Science Projects Idea for the younger students. It will specially prove beneficial if you’re trying to source some simple and yet different Physics projects for schools for class 5th and 6th.

    Kit Contents:

    • Foil paper
    • Glass Jar
    • A large Balloon
    • Copper Wire
    • Straw

    You may also need scissors, screw driver and cello tape and an adult to help you.

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