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    Conductivity testing kit is a DIY Science Project Idea for Classes 5th, 6th and 7th and can be used to demonstrate the concept of conduction and insulation. Different items will be used to indicate whether or not a certain substance conducts electricity. This conductivity testing kit is a good way to demonstrate the concept of insulation and conduction to young minds.

    This Insulators and Conductors Model brought to you by Projects for School will let your child experience the concept of electric conduction and test various substances for themselves. This is also a good model for Science Activity Workshops.

    Kit Contents:

    • One bulb
    • One bulb holder
    • One 9-V battery with cap
    • Two thumb tacks
    • One eraser
    • Two paper clips
    • Connecting wire
    • One wooden piece
    • One cello tape
    • Card board base

    You will also need scissors, screw driver and an adult to help you.

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