Dark Detecting Circuit – School Project for kids

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    Dark Detecting Circuit – School Project for kids can make teachers across schools believe that some of the best Physics projects for class 11th and 12th must focus on how to apply science to solve a certain problem. This could be a problem as simple as – How do you make an LED turn on when it gets dark?

    The solution to this “nightlight problem” has led to a lot of applications like emergency lights, computer keyboard backlights, street lights and many others.  The solution can be demonstrated by a simple DIY working science model of an automatic circuit. This problem can be solved by using a circuit which uses a CdS Photoresistor, or an LDR (Light –Dependent resistor).

    Projects for School  has created this kit to demonstrate the application of an LDR, using which the students can build a very simple darkness activated circuit which leads the LED to light in darkness. In fact, this project can also make for a very interesting Science fair project idea!

    Kit Contents:

    • One photo cell (Light Dependent Resistor (LDR))
    • Two transistors
    • Two LEDs
    • One 1000 Ohm resistor
    • One 220 Ohm resistor
    • One potentiometer
    • Connecting wire
    • One 9V battery with cap
    • Cello tape
    • Cardboard base

    You will also need scissors and an adult to help the child make the project.

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