Ecocity 3D model – Windmill powered

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    Ecocity 3D model – Windmill powered is based on the basic principle of  converting kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy which is used to rotate the turbine of electrical generator to produce electricity. Assemble a working model of electricity  producing windmill.

    This kit also includes 3D paper house designs to make a city of your own.

    In this project for school, we provide you with a kit that will help you in making a dynamo for the students of class 7th and 8th. The windmill with battery is an excellent science fair project idea to demonstrate renewable energy in science activity workshop or through a school project.

    Kit Contents:

    • One Fan
    • Two LEDs
    • One motor
    • One resistor
    • Connecting wire
    • Wooden pole
    • Wooden board
    • City craft sheets
    • Glue

    You will also need scissors to complete this project.

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