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    Electric buzzer uses an electromagnet to hit against a metal sheet to make a loud repetitive sound.  Invented in 1831 by Joseph Henry, it is often used as a door bell or alarm.  Make an electric buzzer yourself as a cool science project and learn the function of this sound making mechanism.

    An electric buzzer is one of Projects for School that can be used across classes. It demonstrates the concepts of electromagnetism by creating a buzzer. This kit can be used as any of the following:

    1. As a Science fair project idea for any exhibition or inter-school Science fair.
    2. Science project for class 7th and 8th for school project submission. It’s a fun project that the younger kids can play with and yet show off to their peers.
    3. If being submitted as a Physics projects for class 9th and 10th.
    4. In case of being used as a project for submission in Physics projects for class 11th and 12th, the students can actually conduct a detailed theoretical study of how the strength of the electromagnet will vary and cause differential frequency of the sound.
    5. As a DIY Science activity on electricity for a workshop, this is a fun project to demonstrate to various age groups, how sound can be created by causing the screw to strike at the metal sheet multiple times.

    Kit Contents:

    • 9 –v battery with cap
    • Nails
    • Zink screws
    • Stand with attaché and paraphrenelia
    • Copper wire
    • Connecting wire
    • Feviquick
    • Sand paper

    You will need scissors, screw driver and cello tape and an adult to help you.

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