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    Make Fire Alarm, it is fun task to do. It is actually a combination of multiple devices that detect fire, smoke or other emergencies through audio / visual sensors and then warn people. The alarms can be of various types and are usually activated from detectors.

    Make Fire Alarm with the help of Projects for School, we try to design and develop DIY Working Science Models which can interlink concepts and teach students about multiple concepts together. Fire alarm as a DIY Physics Experiment on electric circuit for a workshop is one of such examples.

    Simple and easy to make, this is one of the few important Physics projects for class 10th and 11th that demonstrates the use of IR sensors. The IR sensors work on Infra Red rays and detect heat / light from the nearby environment and change the state of the circuit from non-conducting to conducting upon detection.

    Kit Contents:

    • IR sensor (black)
    • LED
    • Buzzer
    • Connecting wire
    • Battery with cap
    • Card board base
    • Cello tape

    You may also need scissors, screw driver and cello tape and an adult to help you.

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