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    Hovercraft project will allow your young ones to demonstrate the principle of levitation by showing how the trapping of air and creating an air cushion beneath the hull (momentum curtain) reduces friction between a vehicle and the surface on which it travels.  The project is simple to design, the concept interesting and the end product very exciting to play with!

    Creating Science project working models can be a tough deal for younger children.  This is especially true when the concepts you’re trying to explain is slightly complicated. For instance, the concept of momentum curtain to reduce friction between a vehicle and the medium on which it travels can be quite tricky to demonstrate unless in a highly equipped Physics lab.

    Projects for Schools has designed a Physics Project kit for class 5th and 6th in which they can prepare a simple DIY Science Project for a hovercraft.


    Kit Contents:

    • Hover Craft Trays
    • Motor
    • Dry Cell
    • Double Side Tape
    • Fan
    • Connecting Wires
    • Cello Tape

    You will need scissors, screw driver and cello tape and an adult to help you.


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