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    This is a Science Project for Classes 5th, 6th and 7th and can be used to demonstrate electric circuitry. When an electric circuit is created as per the method sheet, this Electricity Science Fair Model test how firm and steady your hand is. There’s a simple task that needs to be achieved without breaking this circuit and if you achieve the task you win!

    While circuit diagrams may look simple to actually see them in function is a marvel. So if you’re looking for a science fair project idea for your young champ, you may want to check this kit brought to you by Projects for School!

    Kit Contents:

    • One bulb
    • One bulb Holder
    • One 9 V battery with cap
    • Two nails
    • Steel wire
    • Connecting wire
    • Copper plate with a hole
    • Ply board base

    You will also need scissors, screw driver and cello tape and an adult to help you.

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