Making Simple Electric Torch


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    How to make Simple electric torch -download is a step by step guide to make a simple and fun Do It Yourself (DIY) model.

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Making Simple Electric Torch download

is a pictorial step by step guide of making simple electric torch which is the most common electric equipment. The first electric source of light after the tube and the bulb is an electric torch.

Projects for School has designed an Easy Science Project for Classes 5th and 6th, using which your child can learn about the basics of electric circuitry. The child will be able to make a simple electric torch and understand how it functions. This method sheet provided step by step pictorial directions to make the simple electric torch yourself.

This simple to make, electricity science project can be used to conduct science experiments for kids and make DIY working science model of an electric torch, not just in the lab but also at home, or at any science activity workshop.

Method Sheet Contents

  • List of material required to make a simple electric torch
  • Theory / working principle of simple electric torch
  • How does the model / kit work
  • Step by step instructions to make the model of simple electric torch with pictures
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Safety guidelines

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Simple Electric Torch

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