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    Light Bulb, in this physics project for class 9th and 10th, your kid will learn about how light is released by atoms. When, current is passed through a substance, say resistance, its electrons get excited. In case of a filament based bulb, since these electrons cannot leave the filament, they collide against each other causing friction and releasing packets of energy and heat called photons. This heat increases the temperature of the filament and causes it to glow, thus producing light.

    At Projects for Schools, our team enjoys having fun. We find light and current very intriguing and try to develop various science projects to demonstrate resistances and bulbs.

    This kit can be used at science fairs, in science activity workshops or exhibitions. This science project working model of electric circuits can also be bought as a gift for science enthusiasts.

    Kit Contents:

    • Card sheet
    • Duty batteries 8
    • Glass jar
    • Cello tape
    • Pencil lead box
    • Card board base
    • Connecting wire

    You will need scissors, screw driver and an adult to help you.

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