Photon flower – Science Project for kids

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    Photon flower – Science Project for kids for electro-chemistry and electricity are fun to play with! This photon flower for instance is a brilliant Science project and working model of voltaic cells for class 7th and 8th.

    Projects for School has designed this fun and simple project to demonstrate how the LED at the core of the photon flower lights up when lime juice is dropped on the circuit at the designated points.

    The chemical reaction causes an electric current and can light the LED for up to half an hour

    Kit Contents:

    • Zinc coated nail s
    • Rubber stopper or cork
    • Copper wire
    • Sand paper
    • LED
    • Plastic cup Small
    • Sand
    • Metal Spokes
    • Tissue Paper

    You will also need scissors, screw driver and lemon juice and an adult to help you.

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