Plastic Quilling Mould Stencil Quilling Paper art/ Paper Craft Stencil – Large Size


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    “Good Quality Plastic Quilling Mould Stencil.”

    • Simplifies The Process of Creating Different Shapes with Quilling Paper.
    • Good for Creating Shapes of Same Size When Creating Larger Designs.
    • Different Sized Circles, Squares, Triangles Heart Shapes, Droplet Shapes.
    • Size: Large: 20.8 X 17.2 cm. Also on 1 Edge there is a cm Scale from 1 to 20
    • the plastic used is child friendly
    • Make various shapes and sizes of Quilling art with various slots provided in the plastic Quilling Mould Stencil.
    • Works well with 3 mm, 5 mm and 8 mm quilling strips of various lenghts.
    • Best used for creating quilling paper frame craft.
    • Quilling or paper filigree is an art-form which is getting popular nowadays.
    • It involves the use of strips of paper called quilling paper.


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    Weight .18 kg
    Dimensions 20.8 × 17.2 × 2 cm
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