Pneumatic lift – School Project For Kids

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    Pneumatic lift is a very simple to make, but an insightful physics project for school going kids. With simple components like injection syringes and cardboard boxes, it is easy to see how air pressure can be used to create mechanical energy.

    It is usually difficult to demonstrate the generation of renewable energy in school projects and this DIY Science project idea for class 8th is a good curriculum-based model to understand the concept.

    For any inquisitive child, this is also a good project to explain mechanical energy and potential energy, since the mass is practically lifted by the movement of the air. As such it can be used by your little champ as a multi-concept science fair project idea as well.

    Kit Contents:

    • Two syringes
    • Piece of tube
    • One adhesive tube
    • One match box with foil cover
    • Steel wire
    • One shoes box

    You will also need chart paper, paper cutter, sketch pens, cello tape and an adult to help you.

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