PNP NPN Tester – School Project for kids

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    PNP NPN Tester

    PNP NPN Tester is a very simple, interesting and a DIY Working Science Model for a Science Activity Workshop or even for submission as a Physics Project for Class 11th and 12th.

    Designed at Projects for School, this simple and thorough kit will help you in Building breadboard projects for circuit diagrams. The circuit diagram we have chosen is a PNP NPN Tester.

    As you build the project, you will realize that the key concepts behind this project include PNP & NPN transistors, LED’s and resistors.

    Kit Contents:

    • Two PNP transistor (557b)
    • Two NPN transistor (547b)
    • Four Led (1.5 v)
    • Four Resistors (1 kilo ohm)
    • Cardboard base (10×4 inch) (3 side binding)
    • Two Battery with cap
    • One Cello tape
    • 25 inch Connecting wire
    • Packing (shrink wrap+ bubble wrap+ carton box+ method sheet, evaluation, pamphlet, parent note)

    You will also need scissors and an adult to help the child make the project.

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