Series And Parallel Circuit Project

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    Series And Parallel Circuit Project- School Project For Kids

    are always used by them in Christmas lights and Diwali chain bulbs. The Series And Parallel Circuit Project is an easier way for children to exhibit their skills via projects.

    Here’s a Physics DIY project for class 5th and 6th to teach them in a fun manner how does these lights function. At Projects for Schools we have developed this very easy Science project for kids in electricity that will demonstrate to them the concept of a series and parallel circuits.

    A typical chain of lights is a series circuit that doesn’t function because one of the bulbs in fused. However, in a parallel circuit, there will be multiple paths for electricity to flow from one point to the other. This means that even if a bulb burns out, it doesn’t affect the rest of the circuit. In fact, this Science project working model, may really get them excited about electricity. So why wait? Grab your kit now!


    Kit Contents:

    • Four bulbs
    • Four bulb holders
    • Connecting wire
    • Two 9 V batteries with caps
    • One cello tape
    • Cardboard base


    Additional Information:

    • You may also need scissors, screw driver and cello tape and an adult to help you.


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