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    Seismograph is use to record the oscillation of the ground. A seismogram however is the pattern made by the instrument during the recording. It can show simple or complex patterns depending on the distance, the intensity and the nature of waves.

    Earthquakes are powerful… and scary! Why not make a seismograph of your own. Sure, it may not be as advanced as that of the high – tech labs, but let’s teach the young ones the principle of a seismograph by helping them make this Science fair project idea for class 5th and 6th.

    All you need to demonstrate the complex sounding concept is to use this DIY Science project idea for earthquake and you can impress your audience at any Science activity workshop designed by The model is exciting, simple to make and awesome fun!

    Kit Contents:

    • Card board base
    • Sketch pen (black)
    • Thread
    • Dry cell
    • Connecting wire
    • PVC pipe and its cover as provided
    • Foil paper
    • Screw
    • Biding
    • Motor
    • Cello tape
    • Double side tape
    • Lollipop stick
    • Ball

    You will also need scissors and an adult to help the child make the project.

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