Simple Electric Bell – School Project For Kids


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    Simple Electric Bell – School Project For Kids will help your child build a DIY Working Science Model for classes 6th, 7th and 8th and help them conduct some simple and conceptually brilliant Science Experiments in electromagnetism for Kids.

    Projects for School can be a tricky thing for parents to help their children with. Specially for moms and dads with Humanities background when they have to help children make projects in Physics, Electromagnetism and other such concept-focused subjects.

    When you help your child build your own model for Science Activity Workshop¸ remember that the magnetic motor is the most important part of your door bell.  The idea is to create a circuit which will cause the electromagnet to generate magnetic field. As a result, when an iron object is placed close to this magnet it is attracted towards the magnetic field. On pressing the bell, we are actually completing this circuit and thus eventually generating the sound.

    Kit Contents:

    • Nut / Bolts
    • Card board base
    • Iron strip
    • Thumb tack
    • Safety pin
    • Copper wire
    • 9-v battery with cap
    • Sand paper

    You may also need scissors, screw driver and cello tape and an adult to help you.

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