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    Make Solenoid Bell using Solenoid, can be used to create an electromagnet and can further be used for multiple purposes.

    At, our team enjoys creating various easy Science projects for kids. We can also  create an exciting DIY project for solenoids and electricity and as a result we designed this electric bell based on the concept.

    Hard disk drives, MRI machines, hotel door locks, speakers, power plants, microphones, cars and AC water-pressure valves are some examples of Electromagnetic solenoids is commonly used.

    This electric bell is an exciting way of understanding solenoids for science enthusiasts and teachers. It is also a very good idea for creating a working science experiment for class 7th and 8th.


    Kit Contents:

    • Nail
    • Pipe
    • Iron strip
    • Copper wire
    • Card board base
    • 9-v battery with cap
    • Cello tape
    • Sand paper

    You will need scissors, screw driver and an adult to help you.


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