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    Wind mill with battery uses the simple concept of harnessing wind energy into electrical energy and how it powers our daily use appliances by building it from scratch. this is the powerful source of renewable energy and its being harnessed all over the world. learn the workings of a windmill by assembling this kit for your school project.

    For centuries now, windmills have been used to harness the wind and generate renewable energy.This energy could be use to run turbines, to sail ships, to grind wheat in the mill or could be converted to electricity. It is interesting to know that modern windmills also use DC power to move the fan especially when the wind is not blowing fast enough.

    In this project for school, we provide you with a kit that will help you in making a science project for class 6th, 7th and 8th. The windmill with battery is an excellent DIY science project idea for kids to create a physics demonstration project on kinetic energy.

    Kit Contents:

    • A Ply board base
    • A Stand of recommended sizes
    • Motor small ( 3-v)
    • Connecting wire
    • 9-v battery with cap
    • Two LEDs of 1.5 V each
    • 2 Safety pins
    • 4 Thumb tacks
    • A Fan
    • Cello tape

    You will also need scissors, water and an adult to help you.

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