Wireless power transmission


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    Wireless power transmission is a Physics projects for class 11th and 12th which makes use of breadboard.

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Wireless power transmission Physics projects for class 11th and 12th have often revolved around breadboard projects. However, it doesn’t always have to be like that. Among our Science Fair Project Ideas, at Projects for School, we realized that a DIY Science Project in Remote Power Transmission can be very interesting.

In this project students will be able to demonstrate how to transmit power by electromagnetic fields and then reconvert it to electricity for use. This is very easier to do and the child would have fun.

Kit Contents:

  • Copper wire

  • LEDs

  • Transistors

  • Coin cell

  • Cello tape

  • Sand paper

  • Connecting wire

You might need scissors, screw driver and an adult to help you.

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