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    Working Model of Lungs is an Biology project which is one of the tougher subjects to explain through DIY models. It is not easy to demonstrate functioning of the body organs, or functional models of organ systems etc.However, is keen on making the subject simple by creating biology projects for school students.

    This Science fair project idea around the working model for lungs is one of the simplest and yet effective human organ system project for class 6th, 7th and 8th. It demonstrates how the human lungs function.

    Your young biologist will be able to also proudly display this at any science fair as a very effective but simple demonstration. If you’re a teacher or a science enthusiast organizing a science activity workshop, you will love to include this project in the biology section.

    Kit Contents:

    • T-connector
    • Big bottle with a cut out hole
    • 2 Balloons
    • Feviquick
    • Thread of prescribed length

    You will also need scissors, water and an adult to help you.


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