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Angry Teenagers (Dealing with your child’s anger issues)

Angry Teenagers – Channelizing it cialis generique through activities  When your teen is angry and screaming at you, it is very tempting to scream louder so you “win” the argument. But what does that do? In addition to prolonging the argument yelling back also means that you’re giving up your power. Giving in to the […]

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Telescope and it’s applications Do you remember the time you’d sit on your bed pretending to steer an imaginary ship? Your younger siblings used to yell, “Aye, Captain!” while you did your best imitation of Popeye. You’d roll a newspaper and peer out of one end spotting a whale through your makeshift telescope. And then […]

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Ten most important scientific discoveries

Ten most important scientific discoveries  Talking about ten most important scientific discoveries, we will begin by asking a question. Can you imagine the world without medicines and antibiotics? Diseases that have been now eradicated most of all like Polio, Bubonic, Typhus, were epidemics at one point. Ailments that killed human beings have a cure only […]

Project presentation Science Projects

Presentation ideas on school projects basically provides material and ideas for school science projects. The idea behind the presentation most of all remains the same from elementary to middle school. Therefore, we are mentioning step by step methods for school projects in the best way possible. STEP 1 : Select a category for your school science project Many […]

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National Education Policy 2016 – suggestions

A note from a Father pertaining to National Education Policy: India stood 2nd last 73 countries in PISA conducted by OECD for 15 years old in Science, Math and English skills. Almost 90% of the middle school students are taking tutions in addition to schooling. About 80% of our engineering graduates are not employable. which […]