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Irrigation and methods Our unpredictable Mumbai monsoon teaches us that we cannot rely on just rain for water. So what about the Indian farmer whose livelihood depends on water? Gone are the days when Bhuvan in ‘Lagaan’ would sing “Kale megha, Kale megha, Paani toh barsao” and it would rain cats and dogs! After all, […]

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Top Management Colleges in India

Top 5 Management Colleges in India                An MBA is a degree for the students who are interested in non-technical fields and Management Colleges in India. Many students also take up MBA most importantly when technical background turns tedious. After engineering, most of the students get into two pathways, one named MS and the other named MBA. […]

Awareness Design Fun Facts Learning by doing Life Hacks Science Projects

Human Kidneys

Interesting Facts about Human Kidneys Advertisements of rice bran oil and sunflower oil urge us to take care of our “parivaar ke dil ki dhadkan.” However, despite being an important organ in our body, no one talks of taking care of the Human Kidneys. Two deaths happen every five minutes due to kidney disease in India – two lakh a year! […]

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Engineering Colleges in India

Top 5 Engineering Colleges in India As an education startup, always tries to bring to you information and insights about all sorts of careers, colleges, streams of study etc. In the process we also interviewed a lot of students, parents and academicians. This article is based on our interview of an engineering student. The idea […]

Awareness Creative Design Fun Facts Life Hacks Science Projects

Solar Power

Applications of Solar Power The sun has always been regarded in all the civilizations that have inhabited the earth. Almost every civilization has most importantly worshipped the sun as God. This practice is prevalent even now. It is the source of life on earth. But the true impact of Sun on our earth is yet […]