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Alarms and it’s types                 Alarms are used to alert people to potential danger. However, they are useless if people don’t recognize the alarm and know what it means. They should know how to respond to a particular alarm. Whether it is a family function, a school, or a place of business, an alarm should […]

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Great new inventions we are sure you don’t know about.

Inventions you don’t know There are many things going on in the world that we don’t get to know at all. As a result, we try to bring to you finally all that stuff which is of great relevance and of value. Given below, brings to you the top inventions we bet you don’t […]


Make your child sympathetic towards the Environment

Sympathetic for the environment? Let’s evolve some ideas to preserve it Environment, a word that can simply be defined as anything that surrounds us. It includes all living and non-living things that occurs on the earth or thereof and hence is responsible for affecting an individual’s body, mind and heart. In terms of biology and […]