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National Education Policy 2016 – suggestions

A note from a Father pertaining to National Education Policy: India stood 2nd last 73 countries in PISA conducted by OECD for 15 years old in Science, Math and English skills. Almost 90% of the middle school students are taking tutions in addition to schooling. About 80% of our engineering graduates are not employable. which […]

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Grooming children outside school – An issue with parents

Common queries parents have for their children One of the common questions that parents ask us is – how do I nurture, groom and lead my child in the right direction? How do I do it beyond their school curriculum? One of such questions was the following: “My 5 year old kid is very much […]

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Power behind 2 minute investor pitch

The power behind 2 minute investor pitch While Entrepreneurship is the new in thing, often it is difficult to pitch to the investors. Finding the right investor is about finding the people with the right vision. It’s about finding people who value their time as much as they value yours. If you have 40 investors […]