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Alarms and it’s types                 Alarms are used to alert people to potential danger. However, they are useless if people don’t recognize the alarm and know what it means. They should know how to respond to a particular alarm. Whether it is a family function, a school, or a place of business, an alarm should […]

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Top Management Colleges in India

Top 5 Management Colleges in India                An MBA is a degree for the students who are interested in non-technical fields and Management Colleges in India. Many students also take up MBA most importantly when technical background turns tedious. After engineering, most of the students get into two pathways, one named MS and the other named MBA. […]

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Earthquakes: Fun Facts You must’ve seen videos of buildings shaking and objects rattling when an earthquake occurs. But do you know what an earthquake is? In this article let’s discover what are earthquakes phenomena actually all about. The earth is covered by tectonic plates which are floating land masses. When the plates shift, seismic waves […]

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Books that children must read

10 Books that children must read Books are best friends for life and these much sort after list of books is sure to get your kid hooked into reading. Lure them to the world of fairy tales and heroes, with this fun compilation which we are sure will be added jewels to your child’s reading […]

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Great new inventions we are sure you don’t know about.

Inventions you don’t know There are many things going on in the world that we don’t get to know at all. As a result, we try to bring to you finally all that stuff which is of great relevance and of value. Given below, brings to you the top inventions we bet you don’t […]