10 most important inventions in physics

Students often complain that Physics is a tough subject. However, physics has also led to some very significant and interesting best science projects experiments, discoveries, inventions and changes in human life. Here is a brief list of some of 10 most important inventions in physics.

  1. The Wheel

The difficult part of the wheel was connecting a wooden platform to it. “The stroke of brilliance was the wheel-and-axle concept,” says David Anthony, a professor of anthropology at Hartwick College. Wheeled carts facilitated agriculture and commerce by the transportation of goods to and from markets.

The Wheel

The Wheel

  1. The Compass

Ancient sailors navigated by the stars, but that didn’t work during the day or on cloudy nights making voyage unsafe. The Chinese invented the first compass. Soon after, the technology passed to Europeans and Arabs. This is one of the best  science projects that had enabled mariners to navigate safely far from land. It increased sea trade and made the lands richer.

The Compass

The Compass

  1. The Printing Press

Though inventors in China and Korea had developed movable metal type, Gutenberg was the first to create a mechanized process that transferred the ink from the movable type to paper. Printing books and manuscripts became faster and led to widespread dissemination of knowledge for the first time in history.

The Printing Press

The Printing Press

  1. The Internal Combustion Engine

In the internal combustion engine, the combustion of a fuel releases a high-temperature gas, which expands, applying a force to a piston, moving it in the opposite direction. Thus, combustion engines convert chemical energy into mechanical energy. The engine welcomed the Industrial Age!

The Internal Combustion Engine

The Internal Combustion Engine

  1. The Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell was the first to be awarded a patent for the electric telephone in 1876. He called it an “electrical speech machine.”The invention of this best science projects of all time  quickly revolutionized global business and communication. When Bell died on August 2, 1922 U.S. telephone service stopped for a minute to honour him.

The Telephone

The Telephone

  1. The Archimedes’ Screw

Archimedes’ greatest invention which is one of the best science projects in physics is the Archimedean Screw. He probably invented this device when he visited Egypt, where it’s still used for irrigation. The screw can be used for lifting finely divided solids.

The Archimedes Screw

The Archimedes Screw

  1. AC current

Tesla’s most important contribution to energy history is the use of alternating current (AC). The technology became the basis for most modern electricity distribution systems.

AC Current

AC Current

  1. Superconductors

Superconductivity is a phenomenon of exactly zero electrical resistance which allows current to flow through a certain materials when cooled below the critical temperature. Can you imagine current flowing indefinitely through a wire? All our electricity woes will end by perfecting this technology.



  1. Nuclear technology

Nuclear technology is technology that involves the reactions of atomic nuclear. Notable nuclear technologies include nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. Though nuclear bombs have not made the world any safer, but this nuclear technology, one of the best science projects discovery is not all bad.

Nuclear Technology

Nuclear Technology


  1. X-rays

Wilhelm Röntgen received the very first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901 for his best science projects discovery that is  X-rays. Within two weeks of generating X-rays he invented X-ray photography. The first ever X-ray photograph was of the bones in his wife’s hand.



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Presentation ideas on school projects

Projectsforschool.com basically provides material and ideas for school science projects.

The idea behind the presentation most of all remains the same from elementary to middle school.

Therefore, we are mentioning step by step methods for school projects in the best way possible.

STEP 1 : Select a category for your school science project

Many science topics come under one single category as in sub categories.

For example, topic of renewable energy is one category of science.

STEP 2: Researching the topic for your school science project

The hardest part is to select a topic for your science project or, science fair. The easiest way to go through the process is researching maximum information in addition to finalizing the topic for science project.

The problem, the hypothesis and the experiment hence is the other part of researching the topic.

STEP 3: Finding the problem for your school science project

Your science project should basically solve any problems of the real world and ask queries on existing. The problem statement is the statement which defines the problem through your science project would be dealing within.

STEP 4: Project hypothesis for your school science project

The predictable solution to the problem probably seems to have been understood using Step 3.

STEP 5 : Designing the experiment for your project

Designing the experiment is the method or, the way with which you will find solution to the identified problem.

school project presentation

Science project presentation

STEP 6: Data collection of your project


data is the result from the experiment being conducted for school science project. Once the raw data is collected it can be presented in a science fair using graphs, pie charts.

STEP 7:  Designing project display

Designing and presenting project display is important and critical either for evaluator or, assessor to review the school science project first of all in a step by step way.

All the information collected for the science project should display with a brief summary about school science experiment project.

An oral and brief presentation during the display also helps.

The best part in a science fair or, school science project is to create something and doing research about the topic. The objective should be to invent new areas in science instead of reading science text books.