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Middle School Science Projects

Parent’s often complaint they don’t find school projects for their kids easily, so here we have listed some easy and interesting school science projects for kids. 8 Middle School Science Projects Solar Conversion Kit Solar conversion simple school project is the easiest to make. It shows how gadgets can be run on green sources of […]

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3D paper house for your school Project

Download the free worksheet from our website and you will need glue and pair of scissors to get started. School projects can be fun and you don’t need to buy plastic houses and shops to make a models for exhibitions you can simple download and print the worksheet for 3D paper house for your school […]

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Tips to generate interest in your kids towards studying science

If you have a young, vibrant, growing 10 and 11 years old like mine, you’re most likely frustrated with the way they dissect their toys mercilessly.So here we give some Tips to generate interest in your kids towards studying They are curious and inquisitive but find structured curriculum based textual study a challenge. Science is too […]