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School science project on making model of thermometer

Teaching units of measuring temperature can be fun with this simple School science project on making model of thermometer leads a clear understanding of the subject. Thermometer is a measuring instrument to measure the degree of hot and cold. The heat energy is the form of energy which moves from hot particles in the substance to […]

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Easy school projects on solar energy and power

Solar energy can be used to heat our homes and do so much more. solar energy is being used as conventional source of energy to do so much more than just light a few bulbs. Once you have to demonstrate your school science project on solar energy there are many options to go for. Here […]

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5 facts about wireless power transmission we are sure you did not know about

Wireless power transmission has been around for a while but off late it has picked up a lot of momentum. Wires are a hassle and if gadgets can be wireless then it saves a lot of space and ugly wires. We are still waiting for a breakthrough technology in wireless transfer of energy which can solve […]