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Traffic light

Did you know the first traffic light actually exploded injuring its operator? The first traffic light ever was installed on December 9, 1968 in London outside the House of Parliament to control the traffic in the nearby three streets. Based on all the future developments, traffic lights can be classified in various ways. Classification on […]

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Telescope and it’s applications Do you remember the time you’d sit on your bed pretending to steer an imaginary ship? Your younger siblings used to yell, “Aye, Captain!” while you did your best imitation of Popeye. You’d roll a newspaper and peer out of one end spotting a whale through your makeshift telescope. And then […]

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Irrigation and methods Our unpredictable Mumbai monsoon teaches us that we cannot rely on just rain for water. So what about the Indian farmer whose livelihood depends on water? Gone are the days when Bhuvan in ‘Lagaan’ would sing “Kale megha, Kale megha, Paani toh barsao” and it would rain cats and dogs! After all, […]

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Solar Power

Applications of Solar Power The sun has always been regarded in all the civilizations that have inhabited the earth. Almost every civilization has most importantly worshipped the sun as God. This practice is prevalent even now. It is the source of life on earth. But the true impact of Sun on our earth is yet […]

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Ten most important scientific discoveries

Ten most important scientific discoveries  Talking about ten most important scientific discoveries, we will begin by asking a question. Can you imagine the world without medicines and antibiotics? Diseases that have been now eradicated most of all like Polio, Bubonic, Typhus, were epidemics at one point. Ailments that killed human beings have a cure only […]