Middle School Science Projects

Parent’s often complaint they don’t find school projects for their kids easily, so here we have listed some easy and interesting school science projects for kids.

8 Middle School Science Projects

Solar Conversion Kit

Solar conversion simple school project is the easiest to make. It shows how gadgets can be run on green sources of renewable energy.

Middle School Science Projects-Solar Conversion Kit

Middle School Science Projects-Solar Conversion Kit

Electric Buzzer

Electric buzzer uses an electromagnet to hit against a metal sheet to make a loud repetitive sound.  Invented in 1831 by Joseph Henry, it is often used as a door bell or alarm. Make an electric buzzer yourself as a cool science project and learn the function of this sound making mechanism

Middle School Science Projects-Electric Buzzer

Middle School Science Projects-Electric Buzzer

Produce Electricity from Water

This is a good DIY Science working model for young kids interested in the basic principle and functioning of a voltaic cell.

Middle School Science Projects-generate electricity from water

Middle School Science Projects-generate electricity from water

Working Model of Kidney

Working model of kidney is a Biology project which is one of the tougher subjects to explain through DIY models. It demonstrates how the human kidney functions. It also shows how the kidney filters the impure blood and then the pure blood is sent back to the body.

Middle School Science Projects-working model of kidney

Middle School Science Projects-working model of kidney

Pneumatic Lift

Pneumatic lift is a very simple to make, but an insightful physics project for school going kids. With components like injection syringes and cardboard boxes, it is easy to see how air pressure can be used to create mechanical energy.

Middle School Science Projects-pneumatic lift

Middle School Science Projects-pneumatic lift

Magnetic Crane

Magnetic crane works on the principle of electromagnetism. Due to electricity flowing through the wire, the circuit becomes magnetic and this magnetism helps the crane to lift up light metallic objects.


 Middle School Science Projects-magnetic crane

Middle School Science Projects-magnetic crane

Simple Dc Motor

Simple DC Motor is supposed to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy in the presence of a magnetic field. Your child could use it as a demonstration in either a science activity workshop or to submit as a project for school.

 Middle School Science Projects-simple dc motor

Middle School Science Projects-simple dc motor

Windmill with and without battery

Wind mill uses the simple concept of harnessing wind energy into electrical energy and how it powers our daily use appliances by building it from scratch.

 Middle School Science Projects-simple dc motor

Middle School Science Projects-windmill

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Human Kidneys

Interesting Facts about Human Kidneys

Advertisements of rice bran oil and sunflower oil urge us to take care of our “parivaar ke dil ki dhadkan.” However, despite being an important organ in our body, no one talks of taking care of the Human Kidneys.

Two deaths happen every five minutes due to kidney disease in India – two lakh a year!

Kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped organs in the human body. They extract waste from blood and form urine. It is basically situated opposite each other on either side of the spine. The right kidney sits a little lower than the left to make space for the liver. Human Kidneys are connected to the bladder. With the help of two tubes known as ureters. The urine is stored in the bladder.

Human Kidneys

Human Kidneys

Actions of the kidneys include:

  • Waste excretion: The kidneys filter out excess salts, toxins, and urea. Urea is a nitrogen based waste in the human body.
  • Water level balancing: When you are dehydrated, the kidneys reduce production of urine.
  • Blood pressure regulation: The kidneys need constant pressure to filter blood. When the pressure drops, the kidneys increase it.

Because of the toxins the human kidneys encounter, they are susceptible to various problems. Excessive antacids and milk can cause kidney stones. Kidney failure happens due to the build-up of waste products. They cause shortness of breath, lethargy, weakness, and confusion in the body. Lack of ability to filter out excess potassium from the bloodstream may cause abnormal heart rhythms and sudden death.

Lifelong efforts to control blood pressure and diabetes are the best way to prevent kidney disease. If the kidneys fail completely, the only treatment may be dialysis or kidney transplant. The worst part about living with kidney disease is that it is a silent killer. Initially, symptoms are few and recognized at a very late stage.

Also worth knowing : Haemodylasis

Haemodialysis is cleansing the blood of toxins and extra salts through a dialysis machine. It helps maintain chemical balance and keeps blood pressure under control. Blood is pumped through the machine, where waste products and excess water are removed. This purified blood is then returned to the patient’s body.

Facts about the Human Kidneys

The blood flow in kidneys is higher than the blood flow in the heart, liver and brain!

Exactly half of one single kidney is capable of doing the job that is performed by two kidneys together. This is exactly why the symptoms aren’t diagnosed till very late!

Each individual kidney consists up to 2 million nephrons. Nephrons are tiny filters that can filter blood and eliminate waste materials. The Nephrons cover a distance of 16

kilometres if placed end to end.

The entire blood in the body gets filtered around 400 times in a day through the kidneys! The kidneys reabsorb and redistribute 99% of the blood volume that they filter. Only 1% of the blood that kidneys filter becomes urine.

10% of the adult population (500 million) have some form of kidney damage. Every year millions die of cardiovascular diseases linked to Chronic Kidney Disease.

Alcohol affects kidneys much more than being emphasized.

Remember this –

Human Kidneys disease can never be reversed.

Projects for school provide a working model of human kidney (/product/working-model-of-kidney-school-project-for-kids/) for young scientists to understand the functioning of human kidneys. We also provide a step by step pictorial guide to make this working model yourself.

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